Reasons why a Russian influencer prefers Colombian men

Reasons why a Russian influencer prefers Colombian men

Yanita Karpova She is a 23-year-old young Russian influencer who is popular with Latin audiences, especially Colombian ones, on social media. This is because Karpova has lived in Colombia for several years, a country in which she enjoys being, according to her, because people are very happy and she prefers the warm atmosphere of our country than the colder and more serious of Russia.

Recently, some videos of the young Russian woman have become popular on the short video platform Tik Tok, as Yanita declared that she prefers Colombian men as boyfriends, rather than Russians. It all started with a video in which The young woman listed the differences between men of both nationalities when treating her partner.

First of all, Yanita highlights that a russian boyfriend is colder and less affectionate, while you have noticed that Colombians say more nice words to women. Then he assured that a Russian man will never allow a woman to invite him for dinner or pay for part of it, “they have told me that Colombians prefer to pay half or only pay for theirs”; However, he clarified that this is not his case, “But I don’t know, my Colombian boyfriend always pays everything for me.”

“In Russia there is not much information about Colombia, there are stereotypes, but it is a very beautiful country, I love being here,” Yanita told W Radio.

The young tiktoker continued listing the differences and highlighted the skin color of both men, while a Russian has “super white” skin, a Colombian is “more dark.” He added, to finish, that Colombians are much more cheerful and that, Although Russians give many gifts to their girlfriends, Colombians are more detailed.

Russian influencer compares Russian men to Colombians

Immediately, the influencer uploaded another video in which she assured that she did prefer Colombians as a sentimental partner. “I love men with brown skin, with dark hair and dark eyes.. In Russia people look like me. In Colombia people are super happy and super happy, in Russia they are very serious and sad. In my opinion, Colombian men are super romantic, obviously I prefer them ”, he announced in the video that he has more than 100,000 ‘likes’, more than 3,000 comments and that it has almost reached one million views.

Yanita Karpova defines herself as an exotic Russian in Colombia, Since, although she says that the people in her country are much more serious than in Colombia, she uploads videos dancing and enjoying Latin culture as if it were one more, which is why it is considered different from the tradition of Russian people .

The 23-year-old has 52 thousand followers on Instagram where she works advertising for beauty brands and also has a virtual store of succulents or terrariums that she distributes throughout the national territory. On the other hand, on Tik Tok, he has more than 800 thousand followers and he usually uploads funny videos or videos of his trips through Colombia, trying typical dishes and describing them for his Russian audience.

In dialogue with W Radio, on the morning of this Wednesday, March 31, Yanita Karpova confessed that she has only had one Colombian boyfriend, whom she met about seven years ago through the social network, “I found his profile, he attracted me and we started talking, at that time I didn’t know Spanish or English, he knew Spanish and English, so I used the translator to be able to talk to him ”.

In this interview, again, the tiktoker stressed that Colombians “when they say something, they will always comply with it, I know that sometimes it does not happen with Colombians. But I still prefer Colombians “and he stressed that, in his opinion, Russian men are more macho, because they are looking for a woman” who works at home and cares for them, Colombians help women more, I like that. “

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