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President of the UFC Dana White was caught in Mexico slapping his wife in a club [Video]

Both Dana White and his wife Anne kept beating until close to the couple separated them

The president of the UFC, Dana White, went viral on social networks this Monday when a video was released in which he appears during the end of the year festivities with his wife Anne White, slapping each other in the face in a nightclub.

Around midnight in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the White family was quietly in the VIP room when a controversy suddenly broke out over the unfortunate incident.

According to the video, it is Anne who hits Dana’s face first, but the most reprehensible thing was that the UFC president responded to the blow with an open palm.

This gave rise to the fact that both began to exchange a series of blows with greater force until their friends and companions had to be the ones to separate them.

Despite the incident, the couple kept celebrating the new year in the place until late at night.

Regarding the dispute, TMZ Sports was able to contact Dana White and ask him about the fact, to which the president replied that they had never experienced such an episode as a couple, pointing to alcohol as the main culprit.

“There was a lot of alcohol, but that’s not an excuse. It had never happened, it’s the first time,” he said.

Watch the video here:

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