“Take care of yourselves” – Pokimane is pausing her Twitch career indefinitely

Pokimane is pausing her Twitch career indefinitely

The popular streamer Pokimane has managed to build up an incredibly large community on Twitch over the past few years. Until recently, the streaming star had an account with more than nine million followers. And the enthusiastic community is constantly growing. Now, however, comes the shock for all Pokimane fans.

Pokimane announces indefinitely long break

The news of Pokimane’s streaming end shocked the fans. She recently announced that she is now retiring and will pause streaming indefinitely.

She also said in a post:

“I feel like I need a mental reset and some time to focus on myself/life offline. In my opinion, proper breaks are vital to health/career longevity and I am so grateful for the support you guys have shown me over the years. Thank you for putting me in a position where I can take such a break. I look forward to returning refreshed and ready for more content. Take care, stay hydrated and see you soon!”

This year, however, the streamer has already had a lot of trouble. Because at the start of the year she streamed herself while she Avatar: The last Airbender had viewed. This led to a huge copyright dispute and a 48-hour ban on Twitch. However, your 25,000 spectators were happy about the free entertainment.

Add to that the criticism from Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham, former Director of Creator Development at Twitch. He said of Pokimane: “It’s still considered one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen on Twitch! I was shocked that someone as big as Poki and as representative as a role model is running a talent agency…actually one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in the history of the platform. I could never understand why anyone would ever take the risk. I do not get it.“

According to her own statements, the streamer now needs a break. Although she does not name an exact period of time, she does not speak about a final career end on Twitch either. This should reassure most fans for now.

Here’s a tweet from Pokimane:

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