Pilar Rubio starts her life in Paris learning French

Pilar Rubio starts her life in Paris teaching French

Pilar Rubio is looking forward to her new stage in the City of Light

“Bonjour! Today I have many things to celebrate 🎉. First of all, that we are in Paris, a beautiful city where we are very happy and the people are wonderful. ❤️ Thank you very much to @psg for taking care of us so much. I have already started my French classes 🤓📙📖. And also, we are already 6M !!!! Thank you very much for your unconditional support and all your love. I hope we continue to share many special moments. ILY 😍” posted Pilar Rubio on her Instagram profile.

Pilar Rubio faces this new stage very excited after the departure of Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid and his recent signing for Paris Saint Germain. The entire family has already moved into their new home and Pilar Rubio has started her French classes that will allow her to fully adapt to her new life.

The El Hormiguero collaborator has also reached 6 million followers on Instagram, where Pilar Rubio shares all kinds of photos, from professional sessions, recipes, games with her children and her sports routines that make her have an enviable body after have four children.

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