Paty Navidad Instagram account closed for conspiracy messages about Covid-19

Paty Navidad Instagram account closed for conspiracy messages about Covid-19

The actress Patricia Navidad suffered the deletion of her Instagram account after she spread some conspiratorial messages about the origin of Covid-19. This after some positive cases were revealed within the MasterChef Celebrity production, like hers.

After the TV Azteca company confirmed some infections within the famous cooking contest and that it would stop the recordings for a few days, to take care of the program participants and prevent further infections, it transpired that Paty would have suffered the temporary removal of her Instagram account, which is not available at the moment, for denying her contagion.

This means COVID-19, it is a key that has to do with Artificial Intelligence, with Digital Identity, with vaccination, among other things. I am not sick of a New World Order key. I am completely healthy and without any symptoms of absolutely anything,” she wrote in a cryptic message before her account was disabled.

With this image that quotes the Apocalypse, Paty Navidad spoke of her alleged contagion.
With this image that quotes the Apocalypse, Paty Navidad spoke of her alleged contagion.

La, famous for more than a year mainly for its scandalous denial statements of the disease caused by the new coronavirus, admitted to having undergone a protocol test in order to work in the facilities of TV Azteca.

And although she was not direct when referring to her presumed contagion, she expressed that she does not present symptoms:

“I respect the different thoughts and I have no problem performing protocol tests which are now essential requirements to be able to work, but I definitely think that no one in the world gets infected with a ‘lethal virus’ without having a single symptom, as now they say that it is my case.” She added.

Likewise, Navidad, who works for the first time on television after a long career in Televisa, offered and asked for respect:

“I reiterate my respect for those who think differently from me, but like them, I also deserve respect, although I think and be very different from the vast majority. For your attention thanks! SAY NO TO FEAR VIRUS!”

Paty Navidad
Paty Navidad

Half an hour before sharing such a message, the native of Culiacán, Sinaloa, also posted another image of the style, urging non-vaccination: “NO TO THE NEW DICTATORIAL AND TYRANIC WORLD ORDER! NO TO FEAR, NO TO MANIPULATION AND NO TO LIE! #YoNoMeVacuno ”, wrote at the bottom of the postcard where it is mentioned that the PCR test is an “instrument to provoke fear, control masses and dehumanize.”

In addition to this, previously the actress of various series and television products assured that the Ajusco television station did not force her to be vaccinated, as she considers that receiving the biological vaccine is “a right, not an obligation”.

“Explanatory note,” began in the message. “To whom it may concern: I have not been vaccinated, nor will I be vaccinated. The vaccine is a right, not an obligation. And it is also an experiment for which no one is responsible, except those who decide to get vaccinated.”

CAPTURE: Instagram / @ patricianavidad

“I respect the different thoughts and decisions of others and in the same way I use of my right to choose what I consider best for me and for my health in general. Thank you for your attention”, she continued.

Later, Paty expressed her opinion about what it means for companies to ask their workers to get the vaccine to work within any institution: “Requesting a vaccination certificate against Covid-19 is a violation. This should not be used as a condition to hire someone or to remain in employment”.

“If so, this it would be a total violation of fundamental human rights, our Constitution and the Federal Labor Law.” Said Paty, who also denied that the Ajusco television station had forced her to get vaccinated to be part of the cooking program.


“No one has asked, demanded or forced me to vaccinate. I am infinitely grateful for the opportunity given to me to work respecting my thinking, my decision, my rights and human integrity”, she concluded.

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