Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson Strips Down for Interview Magazine & Shares Her Journey to Reinvention

The ‘sex symbol’ of the nineties has posed without clothes for Interview Magazine, where she also gave an interview.

Pamela Anderson is in the news. The actress has released a Netflix documentary where she finally becomes the protagonist of her own story, as it is produced by one of her sons. In it she tells the story of her life, from her stormy relationship with Tommy Lee, whose home tape maintaining intimate relations was stolen and disseminated, to her experience as an actress and sex symbol of the nineties.

With it, she counteracts a bit the notoriety of the series Pam & Tommy (Disney+), which had not been authorized by her. And, as if that were not enough, she has also published a book of memoirs and announced the premiere of a culinary program on a Canadian network in which she will be the hostess at home and cook for friends and family.

Pamela Anderson Transforms into a Culinary Queen with ‘Pamela’s Kitchen with Love

And to give even more hype to this rebirth of the actress, at 55 years old, she has decided to pose nude for Interview Magazine, where the former beach watcher has also given an interview. Also, apart from the nude pose, there are other images of the performer in the publication, such as a curious snapshot where she is wearing boxing gloves.

The actress’s statements

According to the former sex symbol, it was her own family who encouraged her to write the book and make the documentary: “My children encouraged me. They really wanted me to tell my story. And they didn’t even know all the gory details. They were obviously very upset about the theft of the tape and my divorce from Tommy Lee. But they just told me ‘Mom, no one knows you, and they think they do,'” she said.

“I needed to analyze my life from start to finish. The one good thing about being in the public eye is that I can tell my story and hopefully be an inspiration to people. I think a lot of the problems we have in society are due to untold traumas. We need to tell our stories. And I hope this is encouraging,” she explains.

Her exercise and diet routines

Likewise, Pamela Anderson has taken advantage of her media exposure these days to also share her workout routines and diet to stay in shape: “I have a gym, but I don’t use it. I should use it, that’s one of the things I have to do. I’ve never trained. I’ve never been a workout person, but I love to dance. I do ballet. I have a ballet barre, I have my Technogym, my treadmill. I have all this stuff and I haven’t used it yet,” she was telling WSJ Magazine. “I don’t do a lot of exercise. I walk on the beach and I love the feeling after a long walk or a stroll through a museum. I’ve always stretched,” she also told People.

The actress, who has been a self-confessed vegan since she was a child, as a matter of ethics, also talked about her diet in Vogue: “I have a great doctor in Los Angeles who has prescribed me a regimen of vitamins. I’m taking them and eating healthy, since I’m vegan. I only eat between ten in the morning and six in the evening. It just makes me feel good and full of energy.”

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