Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón, a relationship to the limit

Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón, a relationship to the limit

The right-hander is at a crossroads after his wife turned him against his son José Fernando

When it seemed that José Ortega Cano was enjoying a respite from his hectic media life, another family earthquake looms. Ana Maria Aldón has caused a tsunami that does not stop growing and leaves wounds and victims eager to be accountable.

The collaborator of “Viva la vida” denied the news of the future wedding of José Fernando and María Rodríguez, «Michu», the mother of María del Rocío, the little 4-year-old they have in common.

The young man is just being accountable to Justice and he hopes to enjoy his freedom by making his dream of marrying the woman he loves come true. Aldón has never accepted “Michu” in the life of Ortega’s eldest son and has taken an opportunity to get away from her.

In the messages he not only insults Ortega Cano and is suspicious of the bullfighter’s relationship with his mother, but also doubts his “manhood.”

In the messages exposes his wish that his mother end a languid and entrenched relationship. Gema is ungrateful. Ortega Cano welcomed Gema as one more daughter when he began his relationship with Ana María. The young woman returned to Sanlúcar de Barrameda due to friction with Gloria Camila.

Even so, Gema returned to San Sebastián de los Reyes to live with her partner in the farm that José Ortega Cano acquired in the northern town of Madrid to create a luxurious hotel and training school for dogs.

“Michu” has exacted his revenge with amplified excesses. What Gema thinks of Ortega Cano and her desire to end the relationship that unites her mother with the bullfighter reached José Fernando and was bounced off Gloria Camila and the bullfighter himself.

Ana María was alerted and advised that she should rectify in the program in which she collaborates. I just had to clarify that José Fernando’s wish was to formalize the relationship with his daughter’s mother.

José Ortega Cano had read and applauded the report that Ana María denied, before its publication. Ego and arrogance outweigh, once again, the arrogant former fruit girl.

Ana Maria Aldón reaffirmed herself denying the wedding of José Fernando and Michu and added that the relationship was broken. It was not the first time that he denied a news about the future of the couple. “Michu” visited a house in San Sebastián de los Reyes that dazzled her as a future family nest.

He visited José Fernando and he not only gave the go-ahead, but also conveyed to his father his wish that of the 700,000 euros that he still has from the maternal inheritance, 250,000 euros would be invested in the purchase of the house.

José Ortega Cano corroborated the news in his appearance in an interview on the program in which his wife collaborates. The denial of the wedding caused “Michu” to explode, giving credibility to Aldón’s forceful statements. The young woman wrote to her boyfriend: «José Fernando, you have no shame».

José Fernando’s reaction has been a real blow for his father and for Ana María. He sent a clear message to “Michu” to convey to both of them. «Maria, Ana Maria has taken advantage of me». “Michu” forwarded the lapidary message to the extension station and added: “Aldón, how strong you have to give false exclusives to keep your chair”.

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