In addition to being one of the most beautiful singers in all of Latin America, Noelia has stood out even more as a businesswoman, now she has started working with the cryptocurrency by Animal Concert: Anml Coinentering this market and capturing the attention of several.

This is because it seems that the interpreter of “Candela” has a clear objective in the midst of so many projects, never to stop, over the months she has been showing us that she never wants to stop, she is always looking for something new to invest in or collaborate with. as a businesswoman.

Although it seems that she has put aside her career as an artist, this could not be further from the truth, since he continues planning her presentations, even soon she could start her tour, one of the most anticipated precisely in Latin America, where she has millions of fans.

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Now as a businesswoman, she has also focused on her projects, such as a line of coquettish clothing and interiors, her two digital platforms, restaurants and cabaret’s, just to mention a few of them.

Noelia highlights her beauty and intelligence as a businesswoman

Noelia highlights her beauty and intelligence as a businesswoman

The most recent project with which she has surely been working for a long time is with Animal Concerts and her cryptocurrency, what is planned is for the singer to perform some concerts digitally or at least that is what is thought, since it is the company specialty.

Being the leaders of the concerts in the Meta Worlds besides NFT’s, the fact that Noelia collaborate with them without a doubt it could become a success, being one of the singers that the public adores and also the creator of flirtatious NFT’s, without a doubt their alliance will be unstoppable.

For the moment the singer and businesswoman She has not shared much information about it, at least on her social networks, on Instagram she usually publishes this type of content once everything has been perfectly specified.

Something that could also be done according to this union, in addition to the concerts and NFT’s, is that through the digital code platform (Code C) of Celebriffy, the concerts are held or some combination is made that is transmitted by them, thus attracting more users to the new social network.

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