Niurka Marcos reveals her exercise routine in a swimsuit and shows off her attributes at 55

Niurka Marcos reveals her exercise routine in a swimsuit and shows off her body at 55

The Cuban Niurka Marcos recently found herself involved in a new scandal after ending her relationship with Juan Vidal. However, she has made it clear that she prefers to spend time on her body.

Vedette Niurka Marcos has stated on various occasions that she loves doing exercises to keep her figure as well cared for as possible and thus be able to wear any type of wardrobe without any complexes, due to her toned abdomen that she has at 55 years of age.

It would not be the first time that she shares with her more than two million Instagram followers what her routines are to keep herself well preserved. However, she explained that in life everything is a matter of perseverance in order to achieve the desired results in any aspect.

After announcing that her love relationship with actor Juan Vidal had come to an end, the Cuban woman has not stopped showing herself with a smile on her face every time she has a camera lens in front of her.

“To give my people hard that you do not have to stop”, was the message that accompanied the publication.

In turn, the comments from her followers on the camera’s social network did not wait, since several of them took advantage of a few seconds to highlight and delight in the attributes that the Cuban has, while it is indisputable that she trains a rather daring way, but apparently quite comfortable for her.

In addition, Internet users described uploading this type of video on the platform as a motivating fact, since it has become a source of inspiration for many of those who day after day remain active to the content that she uploads to her different networks.

” What a great body my love, you are very pretty”, “Waoo Niurka has a real great body”, “Spectacular”, “Beautiful”, “Pretty”, “Thank you for the motivation”, “Every day more beautiful like the wines”, ” And your puppies are always with you, how beautiful”, “I was sick this week and I couldn’t exercise as I wanted. Thanks for these motivational posts, I won’t stop”, “Always with a positive attitude”, “How cool is the dog taking care of you”, “My life, what would I give for one night with you”, “Congratulations, I admire you for everything. Tell me for the exercise you don’t give up”, were the expressions that were recorded in the post.

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