Nick Carter is devastated after the death of his younger brother Aaron, whose lifeless body was found last Saturday in the bathtub of his home in Lancaster, California. The two men had had a very complicated relationship for years, but in the statement that he shared shortly after the news was known, the Backstreet Boys component assured that he had never stopped loving him for many disagreements they had in public, not even when Aaron accused him of having abused him when he was little.

No one expected Nick to go ahead with his schedule, and yet this Sunday he wanted to participate in the concert he had scheduled for months at the O2 in London. His bandmates were in charge of supporting him and were seen hugging him and keeping a close eye on how he was at all times.

However, the artist could not contain his emotion when it was his turn to sing one of the verses of the song ‘Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely’, which was painfully appropriate to describe the feeling of loneliness that has overwhelmed him since he knew that he will never see his brother again nor will they have the opportunity to reconcile. He also broke down crying at the end of ‘Incomplete’ and it was Kevin who took it upon himself to address the audience to finally talk about what everyone had in mind.

“Tonight our hearts sink because yesterday we lost one of our family members. We wanted to find a moment in the show to remember him. He is a part of our family and we thank you for all your love and support,” he assured fans.

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