Newsstand: Paris Hilton, Isabel Pantoja and Belén Esteban, protagonists of the pink press

Newsstand: Paris Hilton, Isabel Pantoja and Belén Esteban, protagonists of the pink press

GLM enters exclusively in the spectacular three-day wedding of Paris Hilton. All the details and images of the most anticipated wedding of the year. At forty, the wealthy heiress and businesswoman has realized her dream of marrying in a fairytale wedding to businessman Carter Reum.

Three days of partying, until four different costumes, a six-storey cake, musical numbers, surprises and numerous well-known friends, in a clear example of what Hollywood glamor is.

Patricia Cerezo also announce in GLM resuming her wedding plans, postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In November 2019, the singer announced her engagement to surgeon Miguel Sánchez Encinas, whom she planned to marry in the summer of 2020. Two years later, the couple began to resume their wedding preparations with the same enthusiasm.

Following her divorce from Ramon Garcia, after twenty-five years of marriage, Patricia Cerezo goes very well accompanied to the birthday of her close friend Genoveva Casanova. The journalist came with a handsome friend to congratulate the Mexican ..

On the gold side, Mar Flores and Elías Sacal confirm their reconciliation in Mexico. The couple attended last Sunday, November 7, the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Mexico, held at the Hermanos Rodríguez racetrack, in Mexico City.

There, the Spanish woman shone among important personalities of the Aztec country, such as the family of Carlos Slim. A few weeks ago, the businessman and the model were already photographed in Monaco, where they coincided at the Andrea Bocelli concert at the Opera and once again crossed the waters of the Côte d’Azur.

Semana magazine discovers the best photos, secret anecdotes and all the details of the 48th birthday of Belén Esteban. In addition, Ana Rosa Quintana smiles in the middle of the fight against cancer, the freedom of Bertín Osborne and Chabeli Navarro and the photos of Paz Padilla’s incredible journey through Egypt.

In ten minutes”, Isabel Pantoja reappears to pray in El Rocío after the death of her mother, Dona Ana Martín. After almost two months without leaving Cantora, the tonadillera traveled to Huelva in the company of some friends to approach the famous sanctuary and pray before the ‘Blanca Paloma’. She could be seen very thin, in rigorous mourning and unwilling to speak.

Ana Rosa Quintana has the best refuge: her husband, Juan Muñoz. The presenter went out to eat with her husband at a restaurant in the center of the capital. The businessman has become his main support after announcing on November 2 that he suffers from breast cancer.

The magazine “Lecturas” also echoes the party in full swing by the collaborator of “Save me” Belén Esteban, as well as the images of Ana Rosa Quintana, happy and relaxed, walking through Madrid in the company of her husband Juan Muñoz .

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