Natalia Paris’ daughter uncovers secrets of celebrities: “People are very interested”.

Natalia Paris’ daughter uncovers secrets of celebrities: “People are very interested”.

Mariana Correa, daughter of Antioquian model and DJ Natalia París, is a young woman who inherited her mom’s talent, as well as influence on social networks. On Instagram, Correa, who goes by the name Nana París, accumulates more than 240,000 followers and, in addition, among her projects is to become an actress and debut on the small screen.

Precisely, Mariana, who considers herself a lover of music and makeup, joined the trend that was positioned on digital platforms on the dynamics of the question and answer box, where Internet users write some questions in the profile of the public figure and she decides which one to answer.

Usually, through this dynamic, previously known data of celebrities are revealed. So, one of the questions that Nana chose to be addressed in the social networks had to do with what it means to be the daughter of the renowned model. Without thinking twice, the young woman expressed herself in a direct and forceful way.

As Mariana Correa has already been understanding for years the bond with her mother, being Natalia París, one of the most popular women in the national show business, the young woman shared part of her experience being the daughter of celebrities.

“The bad thing is that people are very interested, when they realize who you are they approach you out of pure interest and not to know who you really are. Also people judge a lot and think I’m a capricious person or that I think I’m a lot, but then they realize that it’s not like that,” wrote Nana Paris.

In that order of ideas, the young woman pointed out that there are those who after reaching fame lose that essence of equality with others, in other words, there is no humility.

In the same vein, she stressed the good thing about being born with recognition. “And the good thing is that fame does not trigger my ego because I already know what it is (I do not consider myself famous, but I have seen it up close) for me all people are equal and above all humility must prevail, then I feel that when some people do not know fame and get it they forget that we are all on the same level. They forget humility”, said Nana in her Instagram profile.

Finally, the acting student stressed that “you never look down on anyone, you have to be humble, life goes around in circles”.

Several portals focused on covering the lives of celebrities, such as Rechismes biography, made the compilation of the recent statements given by Mariana Correa.

Internet users took the opportunity to make their point of view known with comments such as: “So beautiful, grounded as the mother. That mother and daughter relationship seems so beautiful to me”; “Is that Nata is a love, those of us who follow her content know the good vibes she transmits”; “With her eyes in the sky and her feet on the ground”; “Very focused in her way of seeing the world and who better than her, being the daughter of a famous model of our country, who has been able to realize the falsehood that moves around fame”, read on Instagram.

The pictures shared by Nana Paris in social interaction scenarios give evidence that the young girl also projects herself as a model. Likewise, she likes to create makeup content, gives tips for dressing according to the occasion and gifts for special dates.


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