Miguel Bosé will have a series based on his life

Miguel Bosé will have a Series based on his life

Miguel Bosé is back. And it is that after a season in which he has made headlines for his denial of the Covid and for his tumultuous separation from Nacho Palau – with whom he continues his legal battle for the custody of his children – the artist is in luck.

And is that the publication of his autobiography next November, “The son of Captain Thunder”, the rumors are confirmed that the singer will have his own biopic; and finally we know more details about it!

This was just announced by the production company VIS – a division of ViacomCBS International Networks -, anticipating that the series will be called ‘Bosé’, which will be a Paramount + project, which will begin its recordings in the first quarter of 2022 and that will be based on the life of Miguel Bosé, one of the most international artists in our country.

A series that VIS will produce in collaboration with Shine Iberia, Elefantec Global and Legacy Rock and that has had the close collaboration of the singer, who, away from public life in recent times and in one of the most controversial moments of his career, will feature Aspects of her intimacy hitherto unknown in the first person.

“We are very excited to show the world the incredible and eclectic life of musical legend Miguel Bosé,” said JC Acosta, President of ViacomCBS International Studios & Networks Americas.

“We hope this production invokes the same emotions as Bosé’s music.” “He is an icon of Latino culture and the time has come to tell his amazing story,” added José Bastón, co-founder of Elefant Global.

After many years of recovering memories, after others of writing, the first season of my life finally arrives”, Miguel Bosé has confessed in his first words after the confirmation of his own series. “Thanks to Shine Iberia’s writing team and its lead producer for shaping this project, thanks to Elefantec and Legacy Rock for their tenacity and vision, and of course thanks to the enthusiasm of the people at ViacomCBS and Paramount +. Thanks to them this dream is a reality that will see the light”.

“We join forces to make a life, a beauty, a career something that is already in the memory that belongs to everyone. We started immediately and I am convinced that it will touch many, because all of you were part of and are responsible for what I was, what I am and everything that I may become in the future. Thank you for this privilege”, added the singer very excited.

“We are very grateful to Miguel Bosé for the generosity and truthfulness with which he has shared his fascinating life with us and to ViacomCBS for his support and trust,” said Macarena Rey, CEO of Shine Iberia. “It’s a biopic unlike any other biopic that will certainly thrill viewers around the world.”

The Bosé series will portray the incredible life of an artist with a unique and very recognizable personality. The six-episode series will be a work of art in itself, transporting viewers to different parts of the singer-songwriter career that began in the late 1970s, revealing the stories behind the inspiration, composition and recording of some of his most iconic works and how that success affected his personal life.

Although at the moment it is unknown who will give life to the most important people in the life of Miguel Bosé, since it is rumored that Paz Vega will play the singer’s mother, Lucía Bosé, and that Antonio Banderas will have a role in the series, whose script has been prepared by Boris Izaguirre, Ángeles González Sinde and Nacho Faerna.

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