The singer Miguel Bose has had to cancel the trip he would make to Spain because he underwent surgery in Mexico for a herniated disc. In his country of origin, he was going to present his most recent book to the press, “Secret history of my best songs”.

Despite this, the publisher will continue with the launch -on October 11- of the publication, which is one of Bosé’s most ambitious professional projects.

Three months ago he posted on his Instagram the cover and wrote to his fans the message:

“This book will break with illusions that have been deeply rooted for a long time, it is not my intention, but the time has come to decipher the hidden secrets. Enter the wonderful world of my labyrinths, and reveal what nobody knows. But only if you are brave.”

In the meantime, Miguel, 66, is resting and recovering after the operation, but will reschedule the promotional tour he had planned to visit various countries.

In “Secret history of my best songs” photos, covers of his albums and an explanation of the artist himself to his best hits such as “Band Lover”, “Bamboo” and “Nena”.

Though Miguel Bose has not released an album of unreleased music for several years, he has been present on social networks. At the end of 2021 he released hia autobiography “The Son of Captain Thunder” and in promotion he visited several countries giving interviews to the press.

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