Michelle Salas shared a photo of her great-grandmother on Christmas Eve

Michelle Salas shared a photograph where her great-grandmother, Silvia Pinal, appears , posing when she was young, this in order to wish her followers a Merry Christmas and to show that her great-grandmother “taught” them how to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

The influencer traveled to Mexico to spend the December dates with her family, however, Silvia Pinal was hospitalized on December 22 after having tested positive for Covid -19.

Michelle Salas maintains a very close relationship with her great-grandmother, so she visited the beloved actress while Silvia was in the hospital and, later, also spoke with her when she was transferred to a special Covid area.

Previously, the daughter of Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel, shared a photo on Instagram where she dedicated a tender message to the matriarch of the Pinal family: “This Christmas I can’t find as many words as I would like because there is a little void in me. And although I am calm that everything is fine, the lack that she makes me and that my loved ones make me is essential to achieve absolute happiness in me “

In addition, the model asked her followers to be aware of Covid – 19 and called for the necessary precautions to be maintained to avoid further infections.

“We live in a critical moment , full of doubts and uncertainty that the only thing left for us is to hug each other tightly (with masks) and value more than ever every second we have to be alive, to take advantage of and tell our own, to those who We are still fortunate to have, how much we love them, that we will always be there and that they are not alone no matter how far they feel we are, “wrote Michelle through her official Instagram account.

After Silvia Pinal’s hospitalization, Michelle and Stephanie Salas had the opportunity to visit the actress days before she was diagnosed with Covid-19, as revealed by Sylvia Pasquel, for the morning show Venga la Alegría .

“When we got to intensive care, Michelle came in, my mother loves Michelle and we knew that my mother would be very happy to see her and that it would be good for her in terms of her state of mind,” confessed Sylvia.

Subsequently, the Mexican gold film actress was transferred to a private hospital in Mexico City, where various medical studies were performed, including a Covid test where it came out positive.

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