Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd attended New York Comic Con for a talk, reflecting on their 20-year friendship and career together, which began with the legendary ‘Back to the Future’ saga.

Actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, stars of the iconic eighties film ‘Back to the Future’, experienced an endearing encounter full of nostalgia.

This Saturday, the actors attended the New York Comic Con to offer a conference where they reflected on their 20-year friendship and their career together, which began with the legendary saga.

“I didn’t know Michael beyond hearing what was being said about him,” Christopher Lloyd said of Fox. “There was immediate chemistry, as they say,” he added of the moment they met on the set of the movie.

For his part, Michael J. Fox described Lloyd as “the king of explanations”, referring to all the moments in the franchise in which his character exposes fundamental parts of the plot in detail.

“Nobody wants to explain because it’s boring, but he’s so good at it and it’s brilliantly entertaining… I was (on set): ‘I have to watch my butt because this guy is going to outshine me on screen.'”

At the end of the talk, before an audience of thousands of fans, each quoted a phrase from their respective favorite movies: Michael J. Fox quoted ‘Dr. Strangelove’, saying, “You can’t fight in here, this is the war room!” while Christopher Lloyd opted for a quote from ‘Back to the Future’: “The future is what you make it.”

‘Back to the Future’, directed by Robert Zemeckis in 1985, is considered by several critics and fans as one of the best science fiction films in history, as well as being the beginning of one of the most beloved franchises in Hollywood.

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