Mexican designer and businesswoman Amparín Serrano, founder of Distroller, died in a car accident. Serrano created a line of toys and products for children.

This Friday it emerged in the media that the businesswoman lost her life after three days hospitalized after suffering a traffic accident. She is remembered for Distroller brand toy designs of hers.

Her first creation under the line of drawings for children was a reinterpretation of the Virgin Mary, known as “Virgencita Plis”. In 2004 she entered the Distroller brand after experimenting with a line of chamoys that did not go on sale.

“These products were so acidic that they ‘destroyed’ the intestinal flora, so they never went on sale, but they served to establish the brand name: Distroller,” according to the Amparo Serrano Foundation website, the real name of the brand. designer.

The Distroller brand, by Amparín Serrano, started as a hobby

Serrano created handmade gifts for her family and her close friends. What she started as a hobby has grown into a brand with stores across the country and a boutique in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Also, her brand has a presence in stores such as Liverpool, El Palacio de Hierro and the Amazon and Mercado Libre marketplaces. Some of the products that are marketed under her brand are:

  • Teddies
  • Clothing
  • Notebooks
  • dolls
  • Sweet

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