Mauricio Ochmann talks about his wedding plans with Paulina Burrola

Mauricio Ochmann talks about his wedding plans with Paulina Burrola

Mauricio Ochmann, ex-husband of actress Aislinn Derbez, was on vacation for the end of the year parties and upon his arrival in Mexico, journalists waited for him at the airport for the Mexican actor to provide details of his relationship with Paulina Burrola.

In conversation with the press in his country, the interpreter pointed out that Mauricio Ochmann has wedding plans with Burrola and hopes that it will take place in 2022: “Very happy, of course. Well, the courtship is formal… ”.

In addition, Ochmann spoke of the friendship he has with Aislinn Derbez for the welfare of their only daughter in common, little Kailani.

“What we sow and plant is very good. We are a very close family and we always look for the best for Kai. She is aware of everything and the most important thing for Kai is to see his mother and father happy and the truth is that we get along very well “, answered.

On the other hand, Mauricio was consulted about the origin of the reflections that he usually shares on his Instagram account. “They are reflections that I like to share, that suddenly I think, feel and that’s what the networks are for, to share what one brings inside …”, He said.

Finally, Ochmann pointed out that 2021 was a year that allowed him to grow as a person: “The truth is that there was everything. Ups and downs, but in the end grateful with life and what I have had to live with, I don’t want to say good or bad, because we learn from everything and everything helps us… ”.