Journalist Maria Shiver , ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, has decided to spend $12 million dollars on a house that is located right next to her current residence in Brentwood, California.

This safe purchase is made with the intention of further enlarging her main property, which she has owned since 2011 when she separated from the actor. According to, Shiver reportedly paid $12.2 million for the property at the time.

Shiver’s first property in the area is 11,000 square feet. Among its most striking and luxurious spaces is a gym, movie room, cellar and garage with capacity for three vehicles.

On the other hand, the new house has an extension of 4,154 square feet distributed in four bedrooms, four bathrooms, hall, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and other amenities.


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The purchase of this house was made in an agreement outside the real estate market and specialized media assure that it is the type of property that developer companies would buy to build modern residences on the site.

Although the journalist and former first lady of California is not a developer, her intention is sure to demolish the house built in 1947 and extend her land.

It should be noted that the new property has a large backyard and in addition to the main house there is a guest house.

Shiver paid the $12 million to an elderly woman who was the wife of a man who was president of Petersen Publishing Company. It is said that the house belonged to the same family since 1947 and that they originally paid $300,000.

During their marriage, Shiver and Schwarzenegger lived in a mansion located in Pacific Palisades.

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