María Pombo's party of influencers to the rhythm of Cali and Dandee

María Pombo’s party of influencers to the rhythm of Cali and Dandee

The Madrilenian has enjoyed a night of concert with very famous friends

Cali and El Dandee offered a spectacular concert on the night of September 17 at the Madrid racecourse, to which thousands of followers traveled eager to dance and enjoy their music.

Among them were María Pombo herself and her husband Pablo Castellano, who did not want to miss the performance of this duet that has millions of fans around the world.

But the marriage was not alone, but they were also accompanied by some well-known friends, such as the also influencers Dulceida or Marta Díaz.

Before entering the concert, María Pombo kindly attended to the press and spoke about the recent cover that she has starred with her son in the magazine ¡Hola! Do not miss the video that heads this page if you want to hear all of her statements and see how much fun they all had together dancing to the rhythm of Cali and Dandee.

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