Maíra Cardi posts photo with Arthur Aguiar and writes: ‘End of our journey’

Maíra Cardi posts photo with Arthur Aguiar and writes: ‘End of our journey’

Influencer post, this Thursday (6), indicates that relationship ended. They are parents to 3-year-old Sophia.

The influencer Maíra Cardi posted, this Thursday (6), a photo with Arthur Aguiar with the caption:

“End of our journey together, but the beginning of a new path better for both of us”.

The post indicates that the relationship, which has had its ups and downs, is over.

Until the last update of this report, the BBB 22 winner had not shared anything directly related to the subject on Instagram. Earlier, however, he wrote:

“It may be that all the circumstances around you are showing you that it’s impossible to have a way out, but never forget that the last word always comes from God!!”

In the image that Maíra posted, she was still pregnant with Sophia, the couple’s only child, who is now 3 years old.

Arthur Aguiar and Maíra Cardi got married after five months of dating, in December 2017, and have been coming and going over the last 5 years.

The birth of the daughter took place in October 2018. The influencer announced in May 2020 that the marriage had ended with an amicable breakup, but later shared a video talking about the actor’s relationship and betrayals. They reconciled in April 2021, but broke up again just eight days after announcing they were back together.

“I still love him, as I always have. Many of you judged me. I wanted to fight for my family”, said Maíra, in tears, in a video published at the time.

The couple got back together in October 2021, moved back in together in December and remained married until October of this year.

In Arthur’s participation in BBB, Maíra played a decisive role in mobilizing the fans and controversies. The influencer, who has a weight loss program, shook the internet by criticizing her husband for eating bread inside the house. The stance was criticized on the internet by nutritionists and even by Daniel Cady, husband of Ivete Sangalo. The nutritionist stated that Maíra was engaged in “nutritional terrorism”.

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