Magali Medina Anthony was furious with Aranda Dancer sent to check on his production team to compare surprise to Melissa Parades Received when she was with ‘Cat’ Cuban and whom she receives now that she encounters ‘Activator’.

“How cool they compare a recording of a video clip or they play my boyfriend’s aunt’s yacht or they put up pictures of my girlfriend’s family and want to make a rating to invent something haha. work, research,” they wrote.

Similarly, the popular ‘urraca’ did not remain silent and answered everything to the member of Esto es Guerra, reminding him that Rodrigo Cuba Melissa Parades will take her on a trip to different countries, while he only invites her to his sister-in-law’s house on the beach on the weekend.

The controversial journalist also said that he expected him to continue working on television, as his time as a reality boy may soon be coming to an end. As it is recalled at this time, Anthony Aranda caused an injury to Esto. s guerra are far from.

“We work, I don’t know why you, you scratch yourself? The only thing we’ve done is a comparison, now it’s reality boy, what is that? big deal? , we have to venerate it, hope it lasts as a reality boy, hope it lasts”, They said.

On the other hand, Magali Medina mentioned all the time that Rodrigo Cuba went to the house of Melissa Paredes’ aunt to ride a ferry, because she no longer takes Anthony Aranda and doesn’t know the reason.

“But this kid, why is he scratching himself? , (Melissa) went on a yacht when she was with ‘Cat’ Cuba, she went north, That doesn’t mean ‘Kat’ Cuban liked Melissa, she liked him. Took him on a trip, he did not take her every week to his family home in Canete where he had a free pool. Like him, nor did he take his little beach and his towel, Angria, to Melissa. hold up took.

“Now they only spend it in the kitchen and gym (…) They didn’t like the meme because, we didn’t make the meme, the meme was on social networks, call meme makers, but we didn’t invent it at all,” They said.

Why isn’t Anthony Aranda in This Is War?

Although many believed that he Strong words of Fabio Agostini say goodbye to the cause program Granted, but the truth is that Paredes’ partner was absent from the reality competition after Melissa suffered an ankle injury.

“ok i tell them i am on my way to therapy i am super happy because day by day we are improving so much i feel so much better does I can’t wait to come back and give my all about me on the show.” She told through her stories on Instagram.

Due to their absence, the fighters were left with one less competitor and production decided to bring in a replacement. brother of jota benz gino acerettowas in charge of occupying the vacant space left by ‘The Activator’.

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