Lizbeth Rodríguez poses squatting and shakes the networks

Lizbeth Rodríguez poses squatting and shakes the networks

With more than 154,000 ‘likes’ on her most recent photos on Instagram, Lizbeth Rodríguez is still in force and captivating her 11.4 M followers on that social network, as she showed that “the one who dresses in yellow, trusts her beauty ”, since with her particular style, the content creator left nothing to the imagination with the tremendous openings of her outfit.

Lizbeth Rodriguez she has become a public figure and a new star in the world of entertainment, whom many love and adore, but who for others is a real calamity, especially because of his way of conducting the program that uncovered unfaithful couples in Youtube.

In addition to the fact that, for many, her style of dress is too provocative and daring. However, that style is the one that has her stopping hearts and leaving more than one breathless, as in this new photo that she uploaded to her Instagram account, in which she showed her two great reasons, for which many love her.

In the middle of the avenue, in the streets of Ensenada, Baja California, the youtuber posed for the camera, while the cars passed by her, wearing a flowing and open yellow dress, which, although it was long, the sides were completely open, therefore, it was easy to appreciate it better.

At the top, the tremendous neckline of the outfit revealed that she was wearing a tight and small orange top, showing that Lizbeth Rodríguez has great talents to show before the camera and upload photos that manage to raise the temperatures of those who follow her on social networks.

With night about to fall, the influencer was smiling, daring and fun with different poses, first from the front and squatting with her long dress showing everything that was underneath, another photo from behind showing the back opening of her suit and taking her black hair in a suggestive way and one more in which she shows off the flowers that she has tattooed on her calf.

“Comment yellow letter by letter without being interrupted and I’ll send you a message,” Lizbeth wrote in her photo album.

As always, the comments did not wait on his publication, filling the photos of Lizbeth Rodriguez.

“I hope she tells me “I follow you handsome” I am the happiest man for being her biggest fan of her and of Mexico”, “Who is the prettiest?”, “Pure beauty”, “Pretty”, “What a top you are ”, are some of the comments that his followers have left him.

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