Lis Vega says goodbye to her clothes and looks more than divine in red

Lis Vega looks more than divine in red

“Goodbye clothes”, this is how Lis Vega was saying to her clothes this morning in one of the most recent publications she made, where in addition to saying good morning to her fans, she also had the opportunity to show off the sculptural silhouette you have. She sure managed to amaze the viewers with the results of her efforts in the gym. The beautiful singer of the urban genre has the habit of posting new entertainment content on her verified Instagram account every day, in order to pamper the pupil of her almost two million followers, who are very aware of the activities she carries out on her daily basis. day.

However, this was no ordinary occasion, as Lis Vega she was opening a cordial invitation to his admirers from the city of the beautiful state of Veracruz who reside in Minatitlán. Where she will be appearing today at 7:00 pm on the occasion of the Minatitlan Carnival 2022. As part of this invitation, she made two posts on her feed showing off her beautiful curves from the best angles, modeling a flirtatious set of interiors in the color of passion, red, arousing strong feelings in those who follow her. She supported that was reflected by a huge number of reactions.

The vedette of Cuban origin, Lis Vegais characterized not only by her distinguished physique, but also by having a sharp mind when reflecting on transcendental issues, such as inner peace or forgiveness, which is why she has been nicknamed “The Urban Poet”. In the description of the post, she left a simple but significant phrase.

You are not common, you are another turn,” it reads.

Another of the qualities that makes the dancer special is her enormous talent as an artist, being one of the most complete women in her area, masterfully handling disciplines such as singing, dancing, acting and modeling, which have earned her a place special on Mexican television. Despite his two-year absence, Lis Vega was received with open arms by her fans in Aztec lands, being surrounded by enormous support in her musical projects as a soloist and in collaboration with other emerging stars within the genre, in addition to her acclaimed participation in the program ‘Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy’.

This has been reflected in the rapid increase in followers on her social media accounts, where in a short time she has managed to have a loyal community of more than 1.9 million followers on Instagram, in addition to those who follow her on Twitter.

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