Leni, the daughter of Heidi Klum latest bikini photo

Leni, the daughter of Heidi Klum latest bikini photo

Along with Kaia Gerber or the Hadid sisters, Leni Klum belongs to the generation of models who have taken over from their mothers on the catwalks. Like her colleagues, Heidi’s daughter uses the networks as a way to communicate with her fans and not only to give good news , such as her signing as European ambassador for Dior Beauty , she also shares her own concerns of her age. A perfect example is the close-up she posted earlier this year of her acne breakout without makeup or filters of any kind, an image with which she joined the trend of real beauty that has triumphed for a couple of years on the Internet. Although at that time she received a wave of positive comments, her last pose in a bikini has been very different because, despite the fact that it also shows the consequences on the skin this time due to carelessness she has had when sunbathing , the response has not been so good.

“A little more than kissed by the sun”, Leni Klum has written next to this image in which she shows the burns she has suffered on her body after excessive sun exposure. Although the model has not specified whether or not she has used sun protection, her fans have cried out in heaven for the redness of Leni’s skinand they have recommended that you not leave the house without applying photoprotector: “It hurts! Use sunscreen with a high level of zinc oxide!”, “No sun-kissed. You’re red. 👎”, “You have to hurt, take care Leni”, “Coming from a person who has had to treat three skin cancers… Use sunscreen!”. Although the reaction to the photo may not have been what she expected, we realize that awareness of UV damage is growing.

To avoid burns like those of Heidi Klum’s daughter, using protective formulas correctly is essential and the pharmacist Belén Acero, owner of the Avenida América Pharmacy, explains the step by step: “It is important to apply the protection 10 minutes before exposing yourself to sun and reapply every two hours, or sooner, if we bathe , sweat excessively or there is friction with the towel. Regarding the amount, Acero reminds that “the recommendation is to use 2 milligrams of product for each square centimeter of skin, which means being quite generous with the cream.”

In the case of the model, who already showed at the beginning of summer with this other posed in a bikini that her skin type is light, the specialist advises a high protection factor: “It is recommended to apply, at least, a protector with SPF 30. On fair skin, with freckles or blemishes, babies, children and pregnant women, it is preferable to always use SPF 50 or SPF 50+ In addition, in times of high exposure, such as a summer beach vacation, we recommend SPF 50+ for everyone “. Finally, and as a warning for those with acne problems like Leni, using sunscreens is (if possible) more important “because this way we will avoid leaving spots or scars. For this it is essential to use photoprotectors formulated for these skins: they must be  oil free, so that they do not provide fat, and non-comedogenic, so that they do not clog the pores”, concludes the pharmacist.

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