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Laura Bozzo from La Mesa Caliente assures that Gerard Piqué is a “disgraceful”

Not all the public is pleased with the arrival of Laura Bozzo at La Mesa Caliente, but many believe that success is assured

Laura Bozzo is officially part of Telemundo’s “La Mesa Caliente” program. The television host of Peruvian origin is now a partner with Myrka Dellanos, Carolina Bastos, Giselle Blondet and Alix Aspe.

In one of the recent links with the Bozzo program, she spoke about the retirement of Gerard Piqué, Shakira’s ex, and Shakira was very clear in defining him as a “misfortune”. Alleging that when men like him are with women as important as Shakira, over time they seem to prefer to settle for less, she said in reference to Clara Chía Martí, Piqué’s new girlfriend.

On the incorporation of Laura Bozzo to La Mesa Caliente there are divided opinions on the part of the public on social networks. While some are convinced that it is a wise decision due to the type of controversy that she generates with her statements, others consider that it breaks with the dynamics that the program has had since its inception. And it is that Laura is used to expressing what she feels without hesitation, while the rest of the team prefer to express her opinions without breaking the line of respect.

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