“La Voz Argentina”: Lali Espósito and Nicki Nicole got together for a spectacular musical show

At the gates of the semifinal of “La Voz Argentina”, Lali Esposito performed a musical number on the talent show and invited her colleague Nicki Nicole to the stage.

Argentine singers joined their voices for the first time on the small screen and performed songs like “Wapo Traketero” and “Boomerang”.

Nicki Nicole wore an all-white outfit, while Lali wore a black outfit and eye-catching circular glasses.

The musical performance of Lali Espósito and Nicki Nicole was highly commented on on different social networks, where users highlighted the talent of both artists.

“Nicki Nicole and Lali Espósito did not release a song, but from today they became the most beloved duo in Argentina and the most iconic,” commented one netizen on Twitter.

“Nicki Nicole began by idolizing Lali Esposito and today they are very good friends, dreams come true for good people and beautiful things happen to them and she is a clear example of that,” noted another Twitter user.


Ashley Johnson
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