Kim Kardashian, to the rescue of a group of Afghan footballers in danger

Kim Kardashian, to the rescue of a group of Afghan footballers in danger

The story is worthy of a movie script. At the end of August this year, the United States ended the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan after weeks of uncertainty and 20 years of fighting terrorism. They left behind a country devastated by war, plunged into chaos and at the mercy of the Taliban, who took little time to re-install the policy of terror.

The last bastion to fall was the capital, Kabul, whose airport experienced dramatic scenes of despair carried out by thousands of people who tried to leave the country for fear of reprisals from the new regime. Among those people, a group of lower-level Afghan footballers between the ages of 13 and 19 that together with their families tried to escape.

They had fled to Kabul from various provinces out of fear after the Taliban took their cities as even some relatives had received death threats. They should have flown to Qatar at the end of August, but just as they were to be evacuated there was a attempt that took the lives of 180 people and they opted for hide.

In mid-September, after some steps, obtained personal permission from Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to cross the border, albeit with a provisional visa. From the moment of their arrival, the diplomatic machinery was set in motion to try to find a definitive destination, in this case the United Kingdom.

With the support of President of Leeds United, Andrea Radrizzanil, management of Khalida Popal, former manager of the Afghanistan women’s national team, who coordinated their rescue from Denmark and the efforts of former interpreters for the British Army and influential veterans who mediated with the government, the players and their families were granted a visa to fly to the UK last month.

But the resources were lacking to enable the 130-strong contingent to successfully reach British soil. And that’s where the figure of Kim Kardashian, who had knowledge of the story and in just 24 hours organized everything necessary for the Afghan players and their families to arrive in London this Thursday. Where they must be quarantined for ten days.

The North American star has thanked all those involved that the ‘mission’ has concluded successfully, but also wanted to remember that atrocities continue to take place in the Asian country.

I’m especially concerned that Afghanistan is making news yesterday. We must keep alive the consciences of all people, particularly women and girls, who are at risk of being killed by the Taliban and the Islamic State. Let’s keep their stories alive and do what we can to help!” said Kim Kardashian in a thread on Twitter.

“I am so happy and so proud of these girls. They were traumatized. They’ve been through a lot and they managed to stay strong. Now they can start a new life and breathe freedom. We have achieved our first goal,” Khalida Popal told the BBC.

“The next is to work with football organizations to help them start new careers in football,” Khalida concludes.

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