In the coming weeks, Kiko Matamoros and Makoke, They face a trial with the Public Treasury in which the criminal responsibility of both will be clarified. To Kiko Matamoros, responsible for the debt, the Tax Agency he asks for six years in jail while his ex-wife, to whom the debt has been derived, he faces a two-year sentence.

All this occurs at the most tense moment between the former couple after, just a few days ago, the Malaga model filed before the Civil Guard a complaint for threats against the father of his daughter. A conflict that, if evidence of a crime by Matamoros were noticed, would further complicate things for the veteran Telecinco collaborator.

The magazine Lecturas carries on its cover, one more week, the problems that affect one of the collaborators of the flagship Telecinco afternoon, a constant source of news for the weekly directed by Luis Pliego. The information to which the magazine has had access is novel in that, until now, it was unknown that the millionaire debt that the collaborator carries could end up with his bones, and those of his ex-wife, in jail. And it is that, both Kiko and Makoke, have always avoided talking about the criminal consequences that the debt that the collaborator had with the treasury could cause them.

A) Yes, Lecturas magazine assures that the trial with the Treasury will take place in the coming weeks, not having reached an agreement to deal with the debt and before the disagreement between the couple about the ownership of the villa in which they lived in the La Finca urbanization in Pozuelo de Alarcón. A chalet that is in the name of Makoke but that Kiko Matamoros would have paid in large part, toSomething that the collaborator could demonstrate through bank entries.

After deriving the debt from his ex-wife, the Treasury claims 1, 2 million euros from Makoke

Kiko Matamoros’ decision to divert the debt to her ex puts both of them in a very difficult situation. Makoke owns several properties, including the La Finca villa where the couple resided, which is in danger if Matamoros manages to demonstrate that with the intention of not facing its debt with the treasury, they put it in her name even though it was he who was in charge of the mortgage payment.

In that case, Makoke could lose everything: tWhether it was their conjugal home, where Makoke still resides with his son Javi Tudela and his girlfriend, and the duplex in Majadahonda (Madrid) that they bought before their problems with the Treasury began. Both properties are repossessed and if you do not pay the debt, you will lose them.

But after the bloody media war that they wage, a very serious economic situation is hidden, since both houses still have mortgage charges. So, about the villa of La Finca, a house of 600 meters built, which the couple acquired in 2011, weighs a mortgage of more than one million euros that matures in November 2044. And although the charges that would still weigh on the Majadahonda duplex, or its value, is unknown, Everything indicates that the sale of the conjugal home would not be enough to face the million two hundred thousand euros that he owes to the Treasury and the million that he still owes to the bank.

Makoke, the sole owner of the homes the couple lived in, could lose everything.

Therefore, Makoke could also see his home in Majadahonda endangered if the judge considers that the marriage, in order not to face the debt with Hacienda de Matamoros, put the assets in Makoke’s name to prevent them from being seized. Given that Matamoros does not have properties in its name, although it does have significant income from its work in television, Makoke would be the main victim and would have to respond with her assets, not yet being the owner of the debt.

But it is not only a question of who will have to face the payments to the Treasury but, what most worries both, the criminal liability that may result from having committed an alleged tax crimel. And it is if the amount to be paid to the Tax Agency exceeds 120,000 euros per tax and exercise, Matamoros would have incurred a tax offense, a crime that carries a prison sentence of one to five years.

In the case of Matamoros, as confirmed by Lecturas magazine, the sentence he faces is six years while Makoke, after being implicated by the father of her daughter in the procedure, she could be sentenced to up to two years in prison, putting both of them at serious risk of serving a sentence.

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