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BIRTHDAY June 14, 1994
BIRTHPLACE Minneapolis, MN
AGE 29 years old

Becoming a Successful Fitness Model Is All About Being Flexible

The fitness model faced an unexpected challenge but didn’t give up. Instead, she created a new 6-week fitness program that will always be available. She said, “We made this a 6-week program that will stay on @wbkfit forever. This is great because I can join in again, maybe starting tomorrow (if I feel 100%).”

Katya is explaining what happened and why she couldn’t continue with her initial plan. She also wanted to remind everyone that she’s not the only one who needs the program.

She could have easily given up and canceled everything, but she didn’t. She adapted to the situation.

That’s showing dedication and perseverance. These qualities are essential for sticking to a demanding schedule, especially during long trips when there are distractions.

You can either worry about problems or get to work and keep pushing forward. Katya is working hard, and as a result, she’s not the only one receiving positive messages. Having a backup plan for emergencies is always a good idea.

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