Karely Ruiz is looking for someone who wants to collaborate with her and launches a daring petition showing everything

During the last few days, Karely Ruiz has been very active on her social networks, either with her usual sensual images to satisfy her followers, or with initiatives like the one she shared on her Instagram stories, where she seeks to carry out a collaboration.

In the call opened by the model from Monterrey, came included a spicy photo to adorn an opportunity to pose with one of the most famous content creators of Onlyfans, who recently announced a dynamic to give away up to 50 thousand pesos.

Karely is looking for a partnership

“Anyone want to collaborate with me?”, was the request made by Karely Ruiz a few hours ago through her Instagram account, where she hopes to catch the attention of a lucky follower, although she did not give more details about the type of content, or if it is open for everyone, whether female or male.

Karely Ruiz never ceases to surprise her more than 9 million followers on Instagram, the regiomontana usually uploads very daring content leaving little to the imagination with her scantily clad photos and videos.

However, this Tuesday, the OnlyFans model took the internet by storm with a stunning thong dance in a parking lot.

Shaking up the internet

On her Instagram account, Ruiz shared a video in which she gets out of a car in a parking lot, while a reggaeton song plays on the radio she pulls up the mini dress she is wearing and begins to do a sexy dance exposing her buttocks.

Karely Ruiz’s clip went viral immediately and in the first few hours it already had more than half a million likes; in addition to thousands of comments on the beauty of the model from Monterrey.

Irresistible promotion

Karely Ruiz is always trending in her social networks due to her hot photos and videos; however, this time the influencer made an exception, as she shared a postcard where she is giving away 50 thousand pesos and a video call.

The Monterrey native has positioned herself as one of the highest paid influencers and models on social networks, as she has boasted that she has an income of more than 2 million pesos.

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