• Karely Ruiz is one of the leading figures both on social networks and on OnlyFans, the subscription adult content platform that adds new followers every day. Among some details, she revealed some figures and the strange part of the body that they ask for photos of the most.

The Monterrey native, who a few weeks ago had surprised her with her new look, is one of the best paid Mexicans in this subscription service. That has allowed her to grow noticeably in recent times and she had no problem commenting on what her numbers have been.

In an interview with SNSerio, the influencer did not specifically say how much she earns, but she did say how many subscribers she has and at what cost, so the calculation is easy to do to find out how much she earns per month.

As she explained, in her OnlyFans account she has around 10,000 followers who pay a monthly fee of 16 dollars. Per month, the calculation gives about 160,000 dollars, what she sustained her for 12 months could give her about 2 million dollars. With the popularity that she and the platform are having, that figure will most likely increase.

Also, she pointed out that she monetizes her Facebook account, while Instagram and TikTok do not pay her much. In fact, the latter has been discharged on more than one occasion.

The strange photos that Karely Ruiz is asked in OnlyFans

Karely Ruiz. Instagram Karely Ruiz

Karely Ruiz

She also in dialogue with SNSerio she told that she does not upload totally naked photos, but that she only goes topless on the platform. Only subscribers who pay the $16 monthly fee can access that content.

Karely Ruiz. Instagram: @karelyruiz

Karely Ruiz. Instagram: @karelyruiz

Likewise, she said that when she collaborates with women they are not explicit, because they take pictures with a “healthy distance”.

On the other hand, a detail that caught our attention and aroused curiosity is about the parts of the body that they are most asked for photos of: the armpits or the knees. And she also commented that it is normal for them to ask for photos of the feet.

Karely Ruiz breaks the silence about the Liga MX soccer players who asked her out

Karely Ruiz returned to the eye of the hurricane days ago, after she broke the silence about the Liga MX soccer players who had invited her out, she even told which teams she belongs to.

Her personality and her beauty led her to add millions of followers on OnlyFans, the curious thing is that she uses part of her earnings on said platform to give away chemotherapies and make some other donations.

Although at 21 she has not posed for a specific team jersey, her boyfriend Pablo Cantú, former host of the Multimedios program Destardes, is a big fan of Tigres, so on social media they point out that she could support the UANL Tigers in Liga MX.

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