Julia Janeiro shuts mouths and gives joy to her father Jesulín de Ubrique

Julia Janeiro shuts mouths and gives joy to her father Jesulín de Ubrique

The daughter of the bullfighter and María José Campanario was on everyone’s lips when she came of age

It was one of the most anticipated ‘de-fixations’, so much so that some media did not even wait for Julia Janeiro to come of age to show her face without any kind of censorship.

The middle daughter of Jesulín de Ubrique has been on everyone’s lips since she turned 18, and there are many rumors and speculation that have circulated on it.

Although both Andrea Janeiro’s sister and her mother, María José Campanario, have made it clear on several occasions that they have no intention of being part of the media world, there are many who claimed that sooner rather than later she would end up appearing on the cover of her parents’ bedside magazine.

Almost half a year has passed since then, and at the moment there is no trace of Julia Janeiro in any newsstand. María José Campanario already confirmed to this newspaper that her daughter’s only future plans were to continue her academic training while, yes, reinforced their presence on social networks.

From there to starring on the cover of a heart magazine there is an abyss, and although there were many who questioned the young woman’s plans, time has ended giving him the reason. Carmen Bazán’s granddaughter remains oblivious to public opinion and remains as discreet as her surname allows.

This position of Julia Janeiro in the face of public opinion does nothing more than fill her father with joy. Jesulín de Ubrique always wanted to keep his daughter away from the media maelstrom that has given her so much displeasure in recent years.

It is said that he has even asked the young woman to take a little more care of the type of content she shares through her social networks, but she, an adult woman, she is already the owner of her own decisions.

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