Jorge Javier Vázquez's speech against homophobia:

Jorge Javier Vázquez’s speech against homophobia: “I never thought I was going to live uneasily because I was gay”

The presenter of ‘Save me’ made an appeal to society, and especially to politicians

There are many celebrities who have spoken publicly to condemn the brutal homophobic aggression suffered by a young man in the Malasaña neighborhood, in the heart of Madrid, last Sunday, September 6. It is the case of Jorge Javier Vazquez, who took advantage of the power of ‘Save me’ to pronounce on the matter.

The presenter appealed to society, and especially to politicians to stop this “very serious problem” now, because, “it is not the worst moment, it will go to more because we have been too tolerant with hate speech”.

“At my 51 years I never thought I was going to live uneasy about being gay. I arrived in Madrid 25 years ago and I swear that I never felt fear at that time, never. For me, arriving in Madrid meant arriving in a city where freedom reigned, where I could be happy and where I could give free rein to my feelings.”

“I think that Madrid no longer exists and the feeling of freedom no longer exists, I begin to live uneasily in this city. For the first time in my life I do not feel safe at the time of leaving according to which places and according to what time of night,” Jorge Javier acknowledged live.

And he sent a clear message to the politicians of our country: “All the political parties of this country, without exception, must put the batteries. They mistreat and kill women, mistreat and kill LGTBI people. I don’t know of a man who has been mistreated or killed for being straight”.

A speech that has become viral and that has been applauded, as well as criticized on social networks.

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