Jordi Cruz on Verónica Forqué's passage through 'MasterChef':

Jordi Cruz on Verónica Forqué’s passage through ‘MasterChef’: “She was happy with us”

In one of his best moments both professionally and personally, Jordi Cruz has reappeared at a publicity event and has spoken for the first time about the death of Veronica Forque, months after his participation in ‘MasterChef Celebrity’.

A controversial step by the talent, which was harshly criticized after his death. Something that the chef, hurt, categorically denies.

“They wanted to get dirty in the media and I don’t understand why, because obviously we pamper the people who are with us and if someone gets out of tune or is not well, we try to manage it with that person”, he assured Europa Press, coming out in defense of ‘Masterchef’.

About Veronica, just good words and the conviction that she was happy during the recording of the contest.

A super professional, who did a great job, who was aware of what she was doing all the time and who had her best and worst days, like any neighbor’s son. But we are clear that he was happy with us”, he has indicated to said medium, confessing that “she told me personally: ‘how good it is to be here with you, I’m having a great time, I’m laughing’”.

“At no time do we perceive signs of what sadly happened a few months after leaving the program” he explained, insisting that “the reason was not the program, evidently. It’s not about responsibilities. Mental illness cannot be trivialized”. “I am clear that Veronica was good with us, she was happy,” he maintains.

Still very affected by the death of the actress – “I have Pepe’s words recorded when she called me to tell me, and I saw Pepe devastated as I think I’ve never seen her before” he has revealed – Jordi does not understand why she insists on blaming ‘MasterChef’ of her tragic end: “She was happy, she had a good time and she enjoyed herself very much”, he reiterates hurt.

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