Jennifer Lopez is going through a very sweet stage of her life after having said ‘yes, I do’, with Ben Affleck in a very intimate ceremony with the only company of her children and after having enjoyed a dream honeymoon (that yes, with memes included, because we do not forget the photos of the actor asleep in the middle of the Seine , in Paris). Okay, well, that romantic ‘mood’ in which the diva finds herself, of course, is also reflected in the ‘looks’, and for proof, the last one she has worn.

JLo vacation in Italy

Flowers, bows… Where has the explosive JLo gone with low-rise pants, very short tops, transparencies and low-cuts? Actually, it’s still there, but it’s true that, from time to time, her ‘street style’ has more sophisticated tendencies in the hands of ‘culotte’ jeans or more ‘preppy’ dresses, of this style. It’s perfect.

As Rosalía would say, “keep it cute”. Immersing herself fully in the ‘mood’ of the Italian summer, JLo has chosen this romantic mini dress that does not lack detail, from the floral print to the bows of the straps in the shoulder area and, of course, its shape, with the skirt with some flight. That yes, could not miss the sugarcane touch: this time it has been high-heeled and platform shoes that have given it. The result? Hills!

It is difficult to replicate the artist’s dress in a ‘low cost’ version, but we have found an alternative that can solve the situation for you.

Ideal, right? Perfect to project ourselves on vacation in Capri, like her.

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