Jesulín ignored his daughter Andrea hiding the Campa’s pregnancy from her

Jesulín ignored his daughter Andrea hiding the Campa’s pregnancy from her

That a daughter finds out from the press that her father is going to be a father again seems outrageous, but knowing the character’s profile does not surprise one in the least that Jesulín de Ubrique will not tell his daughter Andrea that his wife, María José Campanario, was pregnant.

Even if, Belén Esteban’s daughter has not been slow to congratulate her father for such happy news, although deep down she feels hurt by the bullfighter’s attitude.

Andrea is a super discreet woman and it would not have occurred to her to leak the news. It is rumored that it was María José who asked her husband not to tell the rest of the family anything, especially his firstborn.

It is not difficult to guess that the Campa does not have Andreita, and even less Belén, as saints of her devotion, and that she does not move a muscle trying to keep her husband and her eldest daughter in a fluid relationship.

We know that Andrea has been very happy to know that the baby is on the way, and that she would love to meet him as soon but, having seen what we have seen, we will see whether or not the pregnant woman makes it difficult for the current Audiovisual Communication student to meet the baby.

In this sense, Jesus should make his criteria prevail and exercise his role as father, above lawlessness and confrontations. As much as his relationship with Belén Esteban is practically non-existent, his daughter Andrea does not have to pay for her parents’ disagreements.

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