Issa Vegas: will waste beauty at the Miaw Awards, is nominated

Issa Vegas shows off her round ‘peach’

The emblematic MTV Millennial Awards or Miaw, are some awards that are transmitted by the television network of MTV where they reward music or content that is uploaded on social networks, the first installment being in 2013, they are usually held in Mexico City with different presenters.

The only year in which it was not carried out was in 2020, since due to the pandemic issue they preferred to postpone it, however, it was resumed in 2021, having the singer Kali Uchis with the content creator Kenya Os as presenters of the award ceremony. Now, today through Instagram stories, the beautiful model Issa Vegas shared excellent news with you.

This is that this year is nominated in one of the 25 categories divided into three sections, standing out in the Fit Influencer since the beautiful Argentine model classifies her content as a fitness blogger sharing physical activity routines, sharing her changes since she started exercising.

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Asking her fans for help to go to the vote and be able to be a creditor of that award, she attached the link in the same story, now, the beautiful model has a very good relationship with her followers, since she is always full of love her publications because Issa consents to them by showing herself in the most flirtatious ways.

Because apart from uploading routines and challenges of physical activity, she portrays herself from her best angles in clothes that are so small that they barely cover what is necessary for her great charms, which are products of the arduous physical training she performs.

Issa Vegas also carries out “question and answer” dynamics to be closer to her more than nine million fans who follow her on her Instagram account, in said dynamic she answers them, clarifies all the doubts that arise so that they know a little more about the model, it is there where she has commented that she performs two to three hours of physical activity and that she has been training for five years.

Having a very noticeable radical change in her physique since she started exercising, that is why she is nominated for the emblematic awards, so she asked her fans for help so that this could be possible.

Ashley Johnson
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