Isa Pantoja explodes against Omar Montes and uncovers his worst face

Isa Pantoja explodes against Omar Montes and uncovers his worst face

The daughter of the tonadillera accuses him of lying in ‘My martyr life’, the book he has just published

Omar montes in recent times has become one of the artists most loved by public opinion. His humble and innocent appearance has led him to win over a good part of the audience and other well-known faces, such as Ana Rosa Quintana herself, who seems to have a very special affection for him.

But nevertheless, the singer could have a hidden side fond of lies and fantasy, just like Isa Pantoja, his ex-girlfriend, just revealed. The young woman refers to one of the episodes that the Blessed Bread narrates in his book, ‘My martyr life’, and assures that what he tells does not correspond to reality.

Isa Pantoja has been very angry in ‘The Ana Rosa program’ and has dismissed the story of Omar Montes as “fantasy”, comparing it to that time when he also claimed that he had stolen a porcelain doll from Cantora.

What’s more, the daughter of the tonadillera has issued a serious warning to the interpreter of ‘Alocao’ and has asked him to stop talking about it. “I don’t like these things because they remind me of the past and I don’t like it. We are nothing anymore, as my cousin Anabel would say: ‘it’s over, finite, finish’”.

In this way, Isa Pantoja has revealed the hidden side of Omar Montes, a predisposition to lies and fantasy as long as to give something to talk about and continue on the crest of the wave.

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