Surprise, surprise. Nobody expected such a surprise like this really amazing to see Iñaki Urdangarin with other woman. While Infanta Cristina lives in Switzerland, he frolics freely, calm, relaxed and seemingly without limits.

Already many resort to the more than twenty admired years of apparent conjugal tranquility, it seems that nothing to do with the background and discomfort that really existed. It does not even stop causing discomfort and seems to be a wake-up call, an alarm signal and a warning for boaters.

You should never trust the couple, they are clearly in front of those revealing and at the same time opportune photos obtained in what seems to be one of their many visits and reunions. The most traditional resort to the undeniable evidence of her good behavior for such a long time.

But it’s over and such is clear when seeing him affectionate and we would almost say romantic in his well-known, visited and beloved French Basque Country. Another cliché that breaks us causing shock, sadness and regrets. It is not for less because his seemed endless.

It has not been like that, showing how weak everything is. What a pity and pity. We’ll see how long this unexpected heartthrob lasts. You should not bet on “for life” because it is obvious that there is nothing more fragile than a love relationship no matter how strong and consistent it may seem. The best evidence is Iñaki Urdangarin holding another by the hand.

As it happens with Nacho Palau, ex of Miguel Bosé and their more than broken, I would say shattered, union of twenty-something years. “When the children were born, his character soured, becoming another person.”

Undoubtedly resentful although in her right, she adds that “I have signed without advice what Miguel put in front of me, he assures shooting to kill. Another reason to review, review or almost regret those long years shared that until now had not bothered anyone. Our relationship ended as a horror story,” she concludes.

They are not the first nor will they be the last. Unfortunately, alas.

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