After passing through “Survivors”, where they met, Hugo Sierra and Ivana Icardi began a relationship that has been marked by crises. However, the couple decided to give themselves a new opportunity and even faced the project of starting a family together.

Six months ago, Giorgia was born. Not even that happy news united Sierra and Icardi who decided to take some time.

The “Socialité” program reproduced Ivana’s words explaining that since the birth of the girl the discussions were constant: “We were both fed up with this, we couldn’t go on like this”.

However, soon after they reconciled again and they intended not to repeat the mistakes of the past, they knew they had to be patient. “When we are good, we are very good,” assured the former contestant.

But, once again, the relationship has blown up as confirmed by Argentina.

“A few months ago we tried to put aside our differences and love each other as we knew how to do it at some point. Unfortunately, those differences weigh more on us and for our sake and that of our little girl we decided that it is necessary for each one to go their separate ways so as not to harm us or end up in conflict”, Ivana has written on her Instagram social profile.

“We are trying to make it as painless as possible and, above all, behaving like two adults responsible for a baby that we decided to bring into this world. So the only thing she deserves is two parents who love her and continue to give her smiles, and that the problems we have with her do not affect her in the least,” Ivana concludes her message.

Since she became a mother, Icardi has dedicated herself to caring for her daughter, to whom she usually dedicates tender images on Instagram accompanied by messages full of tenderness towards her:

The sweetest and nicest girl in the world”. “I love being your mom”, are some of those comments that the influencer dedicates to the little girl.

For his part, Hugo Sierra has not commented on his break with Argentina.

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