The Mexican singer, who claimed to be well after the spectacular fall during a recent event in Washington DC, shared an x-ray on her Instagram account that would show how her health condition is until today, after Alejandra Guzmán was freed from her hip rushed to hospital.

The fall would shock everyone after the Mexican actress could not avoid touching the ground after the incident that she presented, which prevented her from rejoining the stage.

The artist’s father pointed out that Alejandra Guzmán “would have presented a lot of d0l0r”, as he shared in an interview with “Ventaneando”.

Fortunately, now the X-ray of the famous shows as the femur of the interpreter of series and television programs, the pelvis is joined by two titanium prostheses on each side.

Everything in its place, can be seen in the brief description that accompanies the image

It transpired that at the time of the mishap, said prosthesis would have been dislocated, so the 54-year-old star immediately had to be transferred from the Kennedy Center, where she would have appeared at the “latin heritage” and where the public enjoyed her voice while she sang “Mala Hierba”.

Sometimes it can happen, it had never happened to me worse because at the Kennedy Center. Know that I’m fine, I love you very much. There is no fracture, she added in another publication, the mother of Frida Sofía through an audio that she sent to the media.

It is worth mentioning that this is added to the constant health problems that Silvia Alejandra Guzmán Pinal has had in recent years as a result of the surgeries that were performed to increase the size of her buttocks, the substance that was injected led to a strong infection in 2009.

Fact by which the daughter of Silvia Pinal underwent surgery on more than 20 occasions in which she presented various difficulties and even risks of having a leg amputated as well as poor healing in one of her wounds.

After what happened, Enrique Guzmán shared that his daughter would have returned to Mexico, however, until today it is unknown if the “rock diva” will cancel her next presentations since Alejandra Guzmán Pinal was contemplated on October 22 at the Palenque de Pachuca.

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