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“He punched my teeth”: Alejandra Guzmán confirmed to Frida Sofía’s godfather that he was a victim of Enrique Guzmán

In recent weeks, more than one person from the artistic world has made strong statements that have shaken the stability of the Guzmán Pinal family.

It all started with the confession of Frida Sofía, who in an interview with journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, accused Enrique Guzmán of improperly touching her since she was five years old.

And despite the great division that was generated between those who support the singer and those who support the daughter of Alejandra Guzman, a new statement reveals the abuses of Enrique Guzmán.

Well, according to Miguel Blasco, Frida Sofía’s godfather, the rocker is not a good person and he remembered some of the outbursts of violence that he witnessed.

In interview for the program First hand, Blasco told an anecdote in which after a conversation with Alejandra Guzman, the pioneer in Rock and roll in Mexico went to threaten him with weapons.

As he recalls, it was three in the morning when they began to knock on the door of his hotel room; they were two men with submachine guns and Enrique Guzmán with a pistol and a white-stained nose.

“Outside, I’m busting you”, were the words of the singer; however, Blasco invited him to come in to clarify things as he did not understand anything.

For its part, Enrique Guzman He accused him of an alleged robbery: “You have stolen my daughter!”, recalled the godfather of Frida Sofia.

According to Blasco’s version, this was impossible since he did not have access to Alejandra Guzmán’s money: “A person who does not control the shows cannot find a weight; the shows were managed at the time by Silvia Cantarell ”, she explained.

However, this was not the only outburst of violence that he witnessed, because according to her own Alejandra Guzman He confessed to one of the assaults of which he was a victim.

Among the memories he has of the interpreter of I was waiting for you Told him: “My father, I just hate him, you know he punched my teeth at me,” said Alejandra told more people about this version.

Photo: Azteca Uno / Ventaneando

Photo: Azteca Uno / Ventaneando

And as for a possible sexual assault that she experienced as a child, as Pablo Moctezuma confessed to the same program, Blasco denied having any knowledge.

Despite this, Miguel Blasco pointed out that Enrique Guzmán “is not a good person.”

He even commented on some of the contradictions in the singer’s speech: “He can’t say that your muzzle is going to break, for example, and after two minutes start crying.”

In regards to your goddaughter, Frida Sofía, expressed her full support and asked that they stop calling her “crazy”, because if someone has affected her it has been her own family members.

Since according to the statement of the also singer she was not only a victim of Enrique Guzman, but of some couples of Alejandra Guzmán who allegedly they sexually abused her.

“Instead of throwing crap on my goddaughter and saying that she is wrong, there are others who have been much worse for many years,” he explained.

Well, like Juan Osorio, Blasco recalled that Alejandra Guzmán is not yet fully rehabilitated with only two months without relapses.

For what he condemned: “Who really needs a psychologist is not my girl (Frida Sofía)” because according to what has been witness, “She is a girl who is alone.”

He also added that at this time Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter needs stability, a home and love, Well, they are elementary things for any child and that Frida has never had.

Finally, Frida Sofía’s godfather added that if their complaints of sexual assault since she was a child, she has to remove it because “if she has all that inside she is doing her a lot of harm; this girl is not crazy, this girl is hurt ”

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