Halle Bailey shows off new Little Mermaid doll with which she already shares a likeness

Halle Bailey shows off new Little Mermaid doll with which she already shares a likeness

Disney has been exploiting the figures of its famous princesses to the fullest for years and for some time now live action versions of these animated classics seem to be the best way to meet the new generations who do not know the characters well. Some of their attempts have been more criticized than others, but the company still expects to continue with this trend for several years and the upcoming release of The Little Mermaid is proof of that. Although Halle Bailey has received many, many attacks, the actress is not giving up, as she knows that this opportunity is unique in the way to the best racial representation in cinema, hence she is also so excited about the official doll of her character.

The Little Mermaid (92%) was a huge success for the mouse brand and although there are other versions, animated and live action, more or less attached to the original story by Hans Christian Andersen, the legacy of the Disney film only grew stronger over the years. Many have criticized the story’s message, while others use it as an example of the first feminist steps within the genre, and whatever the public’s stance, everyone knows Ariel and her journey to live in the surface world.

At first, princess fans were excited about the live action adaptations, but then came a big problem that the production company still hasn’t solved. The issue is that the public gets upset if the new version is identical to the original, but they also complain if some changes are made to the narrative to seek to update it or the characters, either in appearance, race or gender. That’s why some are calling for Disney to abandon these projects, but considering the millions they rake in at the box office it’s unlikely that will happen.

The Little Mermaid was one of the most anticipated films and everyone was on the lookout to meet the next Ariel. The obviousness led them to think of white actresses, redheads or not, so when it was announced that Halle Bailey would be the protagonist a rather problematic battle broke out in social networks. The actress is a great singer, which makes her perfect for the role, and director Rob Marshall assured on several occasions that his casting was the best, but despite that, some cannot see beyond the race of the performer and have not hesitated to attack her with racist and misogynistic messages.

For Bailey, this was sadly not a surprise, as she knows well how people are and how easy it is to attack from the anonymity that networks give. However, instead of coming down, she promotes a more relevant message in the interviews she gives about the film. For her, racial representation is important, especially for girls who may not always feel identified or close to the more traditional Disney princesses. The singer also assures that the road is arduous, but incredibly rewarding, as it will serve a new generation.

In this same context, Bailey took to her official Instagram account to show off the new Little Mermaid doll with which she already shares a resemblance, and this seems to her to be a plus for all childhoods of color that need better representation on screen:

OMG, the little girl inside me is pinching herself right now….. I have my very own Little Mermaid doll!!!. I can’t believe how much it captures my version of this iconic character. I’ll be right back, I’m going to cry right now.

In the video, the actress looks very touched and says it means a lot to her to have a doll that does look like her, and more so because it’s of her favorite Disney character. In addition to the skin color, the doll has details such as the mole that the actress has above her eyebrow and, of course, the curly hair. Halle Bailey hopes that the more square audience can overcome their prejudices to enjoy the film and the new message they hope to share, but mainly hopes that this Ariel will be an example to follow for those girls to whom this version is really addressed.

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