A couple of concerned parents posted a video on Twitter asking for help with their baby’s operation and it only took the boxer minutes to respond

The Mexican boxer, Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez , has once again become a trend for a noble gesture that he decided to fulfill a few days ago, and that continues to demonstrate his human quality.

It turns out that the boxer offered to cover the costs of the operation of a newborn baby so that he does not go blind.

As he is already recognized for his generous acts, many people mention him on social networks, and this time it was the turn of parents desperate for the health of their baby.

The representatives wrote a tweet to Canelo begging for monetary help to operate on his newborn son, since he needs retinopathy surgery , a condition that can cause retinal detachment, and with it, blindness.

It only took minutes for the boxer to respond to the request and ask for a contact number to help them in the midst of need.

“How do we have to do to help? Just send one number please. I need a phone number for the parents to ask them how much they need , not for nothing, but I don’t like depositing to accounts that one never knows,” Canelo said on Twitter.

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