Georgina Rodríguez has enjoyed a pleasant vacation in Sardinia, while Cristiano Ronaldo is immersed in the new season with his team, Manchester United. The soccer player’s partner has taken advantage of their stay on the island to enjoy with friends and get a tattoo that could hide a very special meaning. The model and influencer has chosen the drawing of a little angel holding a small moon in her hands, a tattoo that could have been done in honor of her deceased baby, the twin of her little daughter Bella Esmeralda who died at birth last month of april.

Gerogina Rodriguez in Sardinia

Gerogina Rodriguez in Sardinia

A gesture that her followers have not overlooked, since Georgina, every time she remembers the son she lost, she accompanies him with an emoticon of a little angel as a tribute. The memory of her deceased baby is very present at all times. At the beginning of summer Gio shared the image of a sunset with which she wanted to pay tribute to her child by taking a photo of the sky and putting an emoticon of a heart and a little angel that represented her baby. That is why her fans point out that this tattoo is a lifelong memory of the baby she lost.

Georgina chose the Spanish tattoo artist Berni, who has been delighted to meet the Jaca model. “Thank you Georgina for this week, it has been incredible to tattoo you and to meet you. I have pleasant sensations. See you soon,” the artist shared. But not only did she dare to inscribe a drawing on her skin, her close friend Elena Pina also did one and drew a heart with the symbol of peace on one of her fingers. Elena has not only become Georgina’s right hand, but will accompany her on each of her trips and to all kinds of events, such as tests of locker room, soccer games… “She’s one of my best friends. She helps me a lot with everything, with the children… and we understand each other perfectly, “she said in her documentary.

Georgina has enjoyed these days of rest with three of the members of her group ‘Las Queridas Team’, her group of lifelong friends including Elena Pina, Mamen Morales and Iván García, who gave us such fun moments in his documentary I am Georgina. Together they have enjoyed the sun, the beach and bathing in the high seas. Days after attending the Unicef ​​gala in Porto Cervo, where Gio dazzled in a black Cavalli dress with rhinestones, the model returned to Sardinia to enjoy the island with friends, while Cristiano Ronaldo’s future in football remains uncertain. There are many speculations about the Portuguese player, but today he is still linked to Manchester United. Whether or not they finally abandon their residence in the English city, the couple will remain very close and pending their five children: Cristiano Jr, twelve years old, the twins Eva and Mateo, five, Alana Martina, four, and the youngest Bella Esmeralda , four months.

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