Georgina Rodríguez shows off her divine silhouette from the pool

Georgina Rodriguez Shows Off Curves

It seems that Georgina Rodríguez and the water are the same being, since she is regularly seen visiting places where she has the opportunity to relax while immersing herself in the waters, either from the sea or from a pool, but she enjoys every second to the fullest. where you can splash around and get carried away by the liquid.

Through her social networks, the wife of Cristiano Ronaldo shares his day to day, although she does not publish content daily, she does do so a few times a week to show his most interesting activities. His fans highly value each visual material she posts, so it is not long before they share it through fan pages.

This is the case of the beautiful postcard presented today, which has been re-shared by a fan page on Instagram and has revived an old fire in its admirers. In the beautiful photo you see Georgina Rodriguez sitting on a float in the shape of a turtle, quite cute, enjoying an afternoon of play in the water.

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The sun is one of the best artists that exist in nature and she showed all his talent by drawing the perfect figure of the Spanish businesswoman, his technique was to use the projection against the light to outline each of its beautiful curves on the blue sky of the sunset in Mediterranean lands.

Georgina Rodríguez
Georgina Rodríguez

In the description of the post, something was written about the inflatable, highlighting the tenderness that is felt when seeing Georgina Youth mentioned about the children’s toy.

The turtle is so cute,” it reads.

In the comments section, his fans could not contain the desire to show their appreciation, so they began to leave numerous messages of love at the bottom of the publication, praising not only his physique, but also the beautiful person she is and her talent as a model.

It hasn’t been easy for Georgina Rodriguez conserving her impact body even after having been pregnant twice, through her posts on the little camera social network she has shared her secret, which to the surprise of none is diet and constant exercise.

After being questioned about her quick recovery after having her little Esmeralda, the soccer player’s wife confessed her glute routine and some instructions on how to do it from home and without the need for gym equipment.

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