That a good smile is the best cover letter is a fact that corroborates science: according to data from a study carried out at the Swedish University of Upssala, it is a gesture that spreads good vibes and helps to unite people as a sort of “social glue”. In addition, we are talking about an inherent ability of the human being and that is not learned, since scientists explain that babies are born with the ability to smile instinctively. These are just a few facts about the power that a facial expression that expresses happiness encloses and to which Georgina Rodríguez attaches special importance, so much so that she begins the course with a project with her teeth as the protagonists: she is the new ambassador for Impress, a leading company in invisible orthodontics, and star of his latest commercial. On the occasion of her signing, we spoke with the model so that she could tell us the keys to her oral care: from the diet that she follows to the tricks that she has developed so that her children follow her example.

The importance of the smile, by Georgina Rodríguez

Georgina Rodríguez is very clear about why she has embarked on a project with Impress: “Her clinics move away from the traditional concept of dental clinic that we all know, with close and warm designs, where patients can feel comfortable at all times. “. Beyond the good feeling she has felt with the invisible orthodontic company, her role as ambassador is a natural step for the model, who sees her smile as one of her best assets: “Therefore, in my daily routine, oral health takes great prominence. The habits that I have followed for years and that, in turn, I apply to my family are: take care of hygiene with products recommended only by trusted professionals, and carry out regular check-ups and hygiene”.

His daily mission of serving as an example to his little ones in the importance of oral care hides a compelling reason behind: “Personally, I believe that a beautiful smile can go beyond the screen. It gets you closer to your people and shows your most sincere part. Because, If we know something, it is that the smile does not lie”. A statement that, again, has scientific support, because at Bangor University (United Kingdom) they carried out a study published in the specialized journal Psychological Science that revealed that human beings are able to identify faster when someone is smiling if it spontaneously and naturally. And it can also be useful: “In my profession it is very important to show confidence in whatever situation you are in. In this, a smile can help bring out your best version,” the celebrity tells us.

Your essential care

For our protagonist, putting herself in the best hands is essential, and she assures us of this: “My best kept secret, although if I say so it won’t be, is trusting a professional. Like everything in life, we usually place our trust in someone that transmits security and calm. In orthodontics, the same thing happens. In many cases it is not easy but, without a doubt, when you find it you do not let it escape for the world”. Regarding his daily habits, flossing is his great ally, but he also transfers his good habits to the diet that he follows: “I try to avoid to a large extent those foods that are harmful to the teeth and can cause cavities. In any case, food is one of the greatest pleasures that exist and, although always with a balance, I eat everything and indulge in all kinds of food”.

Lastly, the new Impress ambassador does not forget her children, “they are the most important thing for me, that is why everything that is related to her health goes directly to being in the top 1”. When it comes to their smiles, he tells us what he does to instill good habits in them: “Since I was little I have tried to make ‘brushing my teeth’ not an ordeal. That’s why my trick is basically to do it right after every meal. so that they understand it as part of the process. After meals you have to brush your teeth, without drama. When you take “iron” out of obligations, children perceive it in a much more positive way. That’s my trick, moms”.

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