Garbiñe Abasolo:

Garbiñe Abasolo: “Being Miss Spain taught me not to believe anything and to always push forward”

The businesswoman Garbiñe Abasolo was Miss Spain in 1983 and now runs Thinketers, an innovative marketing agency specializing in branded entertainment. We spoke with Garbiñe Abasolo about how she went from being the queen of beauty to representing names like those of Pilar Rubio or Alberto Chicote and being an expert in this new field whose motto is “less of the same.”

– What do you do then now?

–I am dedicated to managing and leading a company such as Thinketers. After 27 years, and with a team of more than 30 people, we dedicate ourselves every day to the world of digital-focused marketing and we generate and produce transmedia content. I also dedicate myself to being the mother of two children, to be happy, to make others happy and to carry out my work with conscience giving the best of myself every day and trying to be an example so that others see that what I demand I try to give.

– What did you learn after winning Miss Spain?

-A lot of things. That would give for another interview. I learned, for example, to value the opportunity that life gave me in something that I did not look for, that put me in front of and of which I managed to take advantage of. I made it my goal that this had to have a goal and a purpose. I set these goals and took advantage of the opportunity as an international model and that is what, today, after learning what agencies from many countries did, I have applied in Thinketers. On a personal level, I learned not to believe anything, to always push forward and to be positive and constructive.

– What do you think that beauty pageants are increasingly demanding?

– I see successful that they are adapting to the times. I have always thought that everyone should have absolute freedom with a single premise: respect others. We must claim from action.

–From your experiences in fashion, what have you learned that is useful for the characters you represent?

–Having experienced first-hand what it means to be hired by advertisers, television and production companies has given me a fairly realistic and 360-degree perspective. With that vision, we have gone much further and taken a more strategic perspective.

– When and why did you decide to create the agency?

– When I was 17 I decided to set up a dance studio, but life took a turn for me. After winning Miss Spain I learned how much I was living in all countries, I observed the profession and the market and, as a result of that, I decided to apply it in my agency.

– And what do you think is the secret so that you are always at the forefront?

– Never believe anything and be constantly evolving and learning. Listen a lot to people, your team, experts, the market. And do not stop searching, being restless and applying what I observe.

–How is transversality with known characters worked? For example, Pilar Rubio is involved in so many projects at the same time that I find it super commendable to get everything to fit into place.

–The important thing is the values ​​of talent and, from there, generate a strategy so that the download to the different channels where we communicate has coherence with respect to the message of the person, in this case, Pilar Rubio.

–How do brands choose which celebrity to work with?

–It is important to detect that the values ​​and messages, both of the personal and commercial brand, are linked to the same purposes. We always look for alliances in which it is not only a question of being the image of a brand, but also has a reason for being.

– Who would you like to represent?

-More than someone in particular, we want him to be a good person, who has an interesting career prospect and does not think he is better than anyone.

What is the motto or advice of a celebrity that has taught you the most?

–Alberto Chicote always says that «work done is not in a hurry», and I think that very well sums up our way of working on a day-to-day basis.

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