If they let us” is the new telenovela premiered on November 1 at The stars. The production is an adaptation of the melodrama of “Mirada de Mujer” and has among its main actors Mayrín Villanueva, Marcus Ornelas, Alexis Ayala, Scarlet Gruber, Susana Dosamantes and Gaby Spanic. This last actress is well known for starring in “La Usurpadora.”

Gabriela Spanic became known in the world of telenovelas after being the protagonist of the angelic face, at that time, of the telenovela “La Usurpadora”, but with the passage of time her beauty was transformed as evidenced by her participation in “If they let us”.

In the following note we tell you five facts that you were completely unaware of about the renowned actress.

5 facts you did not know about Gaby Spanic

The first thing we can say about the actress is that she is 47 years old. Gaby Spanic was born on December 10, 1973, in Venezuela.

She became known in the world of soap operas after playing the twins ‘Paola Bracho’ and ‘Paulina Martínez’, in “La Usurpadora”, a character who to date is one of the most remembered.

In recent years she has not been part of any transcendental project.

In 2021 she changed her professional course by participating in “The home of the famous” and act in the telenovela “If we are left”.

She continues with her character as Paola Bracho thanks to TikTok, where it generates content that is to the taste of the public.

More information on Gaby Spanic

Gaby Spanic also starred in the soap operas “Por tu amor” and “La Intrusa” for Televisa. Then she decided to go to Telemundo to be the main actress in the productions “La Venganza”, “Prisionera” and “Tierra de Pasiones”.

She returned to Televisa as the villain of “Soy tu dueña” in 2010, then she participated in Azteca’s “Siempre tuya Acapulco” and took off her career again in Mexico in 2021 with “If they leave us”.

Gaby Spanic in “If they leave us”

After her participation in “The House of the Famous”, Gaby Spanic returned after seven years to the world of soap operas to play “Fedora” in the production “If we are left.”

The Venezuelan actress embodies in the production of Univision and Televises a liberal woman who likes young men and is the best friend of the protagonist “Alicia Montiel” (Mayrín Villanueva).

In the story she is shown as a woman who does not believe in love after divorcing her husband, but over time she falls in love with the son of her best friend, who is a young man 25 years her junior.

In the new project the actress had to perform intimate scenes with Carlos Said and did not put any conditions to perform the role. In addition, he assured that the scenes do not bother him since he does not consider them strong.

What is “If they leave us” about?

The production based on the original Colombian story ‘Señora Isabel’ and the Mexican melodrama ‘Mirada de mujer’, deals with the life of “Alicia”, a woman whose world comes crashing down upon discovering after 30 years of marriage, that her husband “Sergio”, a renowned journalist, cheats on her and leaves her home to go live with a young coworker.

Faced with this, the protagonist takes strength to recover her life because she had given up her professional plans to dedicate herself completely to her home. However, the separation provokes conflicts, since the daughters of “Alicia” point her out as guilty of the abandonment of their father, while her mother, Doña Eva, demands that she resume the relationship with “Sergio” at all costs.

Despite the adversities, “Alicia” is not alone since she has her son “Gonzalo” and her friends “Fedora” (Gaby Spanic) and Rebecca as allies ”. Along the way she meets “Martín”, a man younger than her who will give her back the opportunity to love again. The protagonist finds comfort in him and as they go through various situations they realize that they are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together.

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